Real Estate

Allan Law and its team have a long history of serving clients in real estate law in Aurora and Toronto area. Along with our services in estate administration, wills, and powers of attorney, we advise and assist clients in survivorship applications and transfers of title in the context of estate administration and planning.

Survivorship Applications

If two individuals hold the title to a property, they are called “joint tenants”. If one of the owners dies, various complications can arise for the surviving joint tenant. As a result, it is typically necessary to complete a Survivorship Application that transfers ownership and control of the property to the surviving owner.

Since joint tenants are often spouses or partners, as well as friends or family, these applications often happen at emotional and difficult periods. At Allan Law we strive to make this application process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are heavily versed with survivorship applications, can help prepare the application, and are happy to answer any questions that arise during the application and transfer process.

Transfer of Titles

A transfer of property title is when names are removed and/or added to a title property. Along with property sale, there are a few common reasons why ownership of a property might change and a title transferred, such as marriage, separation, family gifting, or death. In the past ten years, Allan Law has worked with many clients to facilitate smooth and efficient title transfers for their family homes. Real estate can be complex, and often these transfers come at eventful and emotional moments in life. That’s why we strive to make the title transfer process as simple and direct as possible.

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