Here you will find knowledgeable articles about wills, power of attorney, and estate administration and management from our own knowledgeable team of lawyers. If you have other questions about wills, power of attorney, or estate administration, be sure to look at our FAQ or give us a call.

What is “Probate”?

Probate is the process when a deceased person’s last will and testament is validated in court. An application for probation results in what is now formally called a “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with (or without) a Will.” For

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When is “Probate” Required?

Not every Will needs to be probated. In fact, in many situations, probate is not required. By way of background, probate refers to the process of having a last will and testament affirmed and approved by the court as valid.

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Why you Need a Power of Attorney

Why you Need a Power of Attorney Having up-to-date powers of attorney in place is an important part of estate planning. Let’s consider what happens if you should become incompetent or incapable at some point in the future—without having powers

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