Family Mediations

Separating from a spouse is stressful.  Issues regarding the division of money, support and child custody and access only add to the tensions.  When spouses go to court to fight over these issues, the emotional and financial costs can become overwhelming.

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve your matrimonial disputes that does not involve going to court.  In mediation, the mediator acts as an impartial third party to facilitate the resolution of disputes.  The mediator has no authority to “impose” results on the parties.  Rather, the mediator helps the parties find a compromise solution.  There are no winners and losers.

Without the costs and delays of going to court, many people chose to resolve their family disputes through mediation.

Jason K. Allan is an advocate of the mediation process.  He has the legal training and experience necessary to assist you in the resolution of your family disputes.  For more information on mediations with Allan Law please visit our mediation website.