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Family Law

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have resolved all outstanding matrimonial issues or if you are simply looking for an uncontested divorce, we are pleased to our services to you for an uncontested divorce for the extremely reasonable fixed fee amount of $699.00 plus H.S.T. and disbursements.

Domestic Contracts

A domestic contract is a contractual agreement between two people who are or were involved in a relationship. In the contract, with some limitations, each individual can set out in contractual form their respective rights and obligations regarding all family law issues. The main types of domestic contracts include:

  • Cohabitation Agreements: these are often signed by people who wish to live together but do not want to get married. Each party can set out how they wish to deal with such issues as a) support and b) a property division in the event of a separation or the death of one party;

  • Marriage Contracts: these are often called “prenuptial agreements.” These contracts are used by people who are married or who intend to marry. In a Marriage Contract, the spouses can set out how they want to divide their property in the event of a separation as well as terms regarding spousal support;

  • Separation Agreements: these are negotiated and signed following the breakdown of a relationship. The contracts become the mechanism by which the spouses agree to the resolution of all issues arising out of the marriage and separation, including the division of property, children’s issues and spousal support. Due to the costs involved in contested matrimonial litigation, most couples agree to amicably resolve their affairs by way of a separation agreement following the breakdown of a marriage.

In addition to preparing domestic contracts, Jason offers independent legal advice to spouses who are asked to sign such agreements.