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Unbundled Legal Services – Family Law

One of the major complaints of the litigation process is with respect to the costs. Many litigants in family law especially do not qualify for legal aid yet do not have the funds to pay for legal representation.  Other parties may simply choose to save money and represent themselves throughout the legal process.

While there are fortunately many free services available, such as information on the internet, there is no substitute for the advice and assistance of a trained professional when your family and financial future is at stake. You may find yourself making mistakes or being outplayed by your former partner and/or his or lawyer.  This can lead to oversights, additional costs, delays and other injurious results.

This is where the option of “unbundled legal services” comes into play.

Under an “unbundled legal services” retainer, a client can pay for a family law lawyer for certain limited services, such as preparing or responding to a case, providing legal advice on settlement proposals or drafting material for use on a motion or case conference. The retainer is therefore “unbundled” because the client can choose what services they wish for us to perform.  The cost is also fixed so there is never any sticker shock.

Should you wish to discuss an unbundled legal services bundle, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and how I can help.

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