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Do you need a Will?

While there is no legal requirement compelling you to have a will, it is certainly highly advisable for several reasons.

First, a will allows you to name a trusted person or persons to administer your estate upon your death.   Second, a will obviously permits you to name beneficiaries of your estate.  Without a will, rules of succession apply which could lead to results that you may not have anticipated or desired.  Third, you may wish to create special trusts for your named beneficiaries.  Fourth, in the case of minor children, the document allows you to name a legal representative to act as their guardian.

While you do not require a lawyer to prepare your will, it is prudent to seek out the assistance of a professional to ensure your will is comprehensive and legally valid.  In our law office in Aurora, we frequently encounter estates in which issues have arisen as a result of problems with homemade wills—problems which were completely avoidable had the will been properly prepared.

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