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B.B. King Estate Legal Battle

Sadly, one of the “Kings” of the blues, B.B. King, died on May 14, 2015.  King left behind an enormous legacy in the music world, helping to create and define modern electric blues.  It also appears he may have left behind a family legacy that may be involved in some blues of a different sort.

Reports indicate that King left 15 biological and adopted children, 11 of whom survived King.  In the months prior to his death, some of King’s children were apparently embroiled in a legal dispute with his longtime business manager over King’s affairs.  The dispute involved allegations of elder abuse and financial impropriety.  Some of the children apparently sought an order for the appointment of an independent guardian for their father, which request was rejected by the court.  The court upheld the validity of King’s power of attorney and found that King’s named attorney, his business manager, had not acted improperly as had been alleged.

The fact that King had a power of attorney was likely quite beneficial in bringing about a quick resolution to what may otherwise have been an extended guardianship dispute.  Such disputes can be especially bitter in situations in which the incapable person has second marriages with multiple children, particularly when the children are not on friendly terms.

Reports now indicate that there may be trouble to come in regard to King’s estate.  While it remains to be seen what disputes, if any, may surface now that King has died, the fact that he apparently left a will may alleviate some of the legal wrangling.  For the sake of King’s legacy, hopefully any legal issues in his estate will be as short lived as the guardianship dispute which arose prior to his death.

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