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Chicago Title – Award of Excellence

We are pleased to have been recently honoured by Chicago Title with their Award of Excellence in Real Estate.  Chicago Title is a leading title insurance company.  Title insurance provided by Chicago Title is designed to safeguard your real estate investment.  Thank you Chicago Title for your award and for safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Family Law

Unbundled Legal Services – Family Law

One of the major complaints of the litigation process is with respect to the costs. Many litigants in family law especially do not qualify for legal aid yet do not have the funds to pay for legal representation.  Other parties may simply choose to save money and represent themselves throughout the legal process. While there … Continued


Planning for and Coping with Financial Stress

Today I welcome a contribution from freelance writer, Jenny Holt. Planning For and Coping With Financially Tough Times Poor financial planning can have immense lifestyle and legal implications. The outright cost of going into debt, failing to keep up with payments, and going through a painful contested divorce are well known. However, it is worth … Continued

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Caveat Emptor Rules Again

We have all heard the phrase “buyer beware” or caveat emptor in latin. The term refers to a rule of law which provides that a purchaser buys at his or her own risk. In certain cases, the principle has been modified by legislation for the protection of consumers.  However, when it comes to buying a … Continued

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Estate Administration

Public Policy in Wills

In recent blog posts, I have discussed a case in which the court addressed a will that was deemed to be racist or against public policy. In Royal Trust Corporation of Canada v. The University of Western Ontario et. al. (2016), the court was once again asked to address a will that contained a provision … Continued

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Family Law

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

An uncontested divorce refers to a divorce application wherein the parties only seek a divorce. In other words, if the parties to the application have already resolved any outstanding issues, such as property division, child custody and access and support, one or both may apply to the court to obtain a divorce on an uncontested … Continued

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Prince Dies Intestate

The world was shocked last week to learn of Prince’s premature death. This week it has come to light that the pop star may have died intestate, leaving a fortune estimated at $150 to $300 million. The news made headlines yesterday when Prince’s sister applied to the court to ask that an administrator be appointed … Continued